October 18th, 2008


with an extra helping of SCIENCE

"The last hundred days of any presidency are frequently known as 'legacy time.' The die may be cast, but the occupant of the White House begins making plans to leave and wonders inevitably about how he will be seen by posterity. So what image will dominate the Bush presidency? The Iraq War? The management of Hurricane Katrina? The meltdown of the financial markets? I believe one issue is likely to shape the historical perception of the Bush 43 presidency: torture. And as Team Bush prepares its spectacular finale, its darkest secrets keep bubbling to the surface."

How we can get out of the financial crisis.

McCain returns to Letterman.

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The Ibex probe is set to explore the edge of the solar system.

"What was the world's fourth-largest freshwater lake is almost gone due to an engineering project gone wrong."