October 17th, 2008

What the hell?!

just a quick note

Man, every time I sit down to write a personal update, invariably work gets busy again. Inauspicious.

Getting through my second 50-hour work week in a row. Last night was also cleaning night at home, tonight will likely be as well. M. and I have made time for some hanging out, which is good, as we've got a lot of irons in the fire currently, and us-time is relaxing, even though it's mostly just hanging around the house these days.

There's some... stress about the Z. situation, but nothing that won't get smoothed out. Just another wrinkle in the state of affairs.

Speaking of hanging around the house, two TV notes I haven't brought up yet this season:

* Dexter is still a treat, and especially so because I don't know where they are going with some of the plot lines.

* Pushing Daisies is once again proving why it is one of the best-written shows on TV, picking up right where it left off and running with the ball. Also, Z. has taken to watching it with us, and she loves it. I figured it would be over her head, as it is so fast-paced, but it appears I was underestimating her.


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"Until we have a standard, automatic voter registration system where every eligible voter is added to the rolls, voter registration groups will play an important role in helping register citizens - especially people with lower incomes, minorities, and young people. We need to make sure that all our elections are free from intimidation, fraud, and vote suppression. This debate should make clear once and for all that we need to reform the system so that all eligible Americans are on the voter rolls, can vote, and have their votes counted."

* Some bad news in Iraq.
* Police clash with police on the streets of Sao Paulo.
* LAPD find problems with fingerprinting work.
* How foreign policy disappeared from the campaign trail.
* Huh! You know who wasn't mentioned at all in the presidential debates? God.
* Unearthing the massive tomb of a Roman general.
* Dinosaur graveyard found in Utah.
* 'Unused sludge' leftover from the Miller-Urey experiment looking at the creation of life yields new results. (Courtesy marag.)

Neat! Photo comparison of the new Star Trek cast to the originals (Courtesy theantichrist.)