October 9th, 2008


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Is the era of conservative dominance at an end?

Big Brother update: sketches as cause for suspicion. (Courtesy takaal.)

So if McCain is making so much noise about Obama's association with Ayers, shouldn't someone bring up McCain's association with G. Gordon Liddy?

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"Turns out, when a network puts fewer, and shorter, ad breaks in a TV series, you like it, and tend to be more inclined to sit through those commercials."

YES. What Red Dawn says about us.



"Look, it's easy to dismiss the guy at this rally as a crank. But the larger context here is important. The McCain campaign - with public statements and ads suggesting Obama is linked to terrorists and many other tactics - is very deliberately trying to whip up mass fear and loathing about the prospect of an Obama presidency. This has been going on for some time now. And Joe Biden, among others, has been appealing to McCain and Palin to do something to calm their supporters down and to condemn their outpourings of hatred and lunacy."
(Courtesy Swampland.)