October 7th, 2008


bam a lam

Work is goofy busy, so no time for news this afternoon. Here's something to tide you over:

"With the economy down and recent prostitution busts claiming three popular New York S&M clubs, professionals working in BDSM community are getting nervous about job stability. So, what is a dom to do? Start a PAC, of course!"

Tonight, catching up on Heroes, then debate #3!


two debate follow-ups

#1: The question about ignoring Pakistani sovereignty, if it meant getting bin Laden? Us nerds know the Kobayashi Maru when we hear it.

#2: Everyone talks about the town hall being McCain's territory, but man, seeing them up and walking around, you notice that Obama is much taller and McCain is hunched over and really bald.

More later, but here's your dose of Mightygodking. Bonus points for FactCheck.org and Fact Checker. Good quick response from Michael Scherer, also.