October 4th, 2008



So yes, long week almost in the can. I'm trying to make a general effort not to let the day-to-day stresses wear me down, because I don't want to let it bug me all the time, and then spend more time complaining about it. Fall is here, which always puts me in a better mood, so hopefully I can get things flowing in a more positive direction.

M. and I have been on opposite schedules for the past few days, so I've hardly seen her. Fully intended to use that time to work on some housework, but you know how those things go. I blame the cat. Did sneak in a little gaming and a little painting, and a little debate-watching, so there's that.

And man, birthday's about a month away, so I better start planning something soon.

Tonight: roller-derby.
Tomorrow: hanging with Z.
Monday: Housework.
Tuesday: bonus work to make up for time missed recently.


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Oh, and while we were busy obsessing over the veep debate, Congress OKed the controversial nuclear deal with India. Bonus: BBC analysis.

Excellent read: meet Joe Sixpack. (Courtesy mscongeniality.)

* Record jobs loss in September. Ouch.
* Different standards: Howard Kurtz on the mixed coverage of the debates. And it was, in fact, a ratings hit. More wrapup from various sources here. But Fred Kaplan says it was no contest. Plus, more on the Cheney question.
* Homeland Security wants a 'cyber counterattack system.' (As I work in that industry, I can tell you it sounds pretty unrealistic.)
* Tracking depression and suicidal thoughts in medical students.
* A new zombie flick from George Romero?
* The 2008 Ig Nobel Prizes have been awarded.
* Oh, man. Prostitutes earning points.

NPR on Achewood's Chris Onstad.