October 3rd, 2008


debate-free edition

Top read: "Either the Bush administration was completely oblivious to the impending financial crisis, or were simply lying to the public." (I had been wondering about this recently.)

"The Maryland State Police 'significantly overreached' when they spied on peaceful opponents of the death penalty and Iraq war and were oblivious that the surveillance violated the activists' rights of free expression and association."

* In retrospect, has Cheney weakened the presidency he sought to strengthen?
* 'Why all this bailout crap had to happen in the first place.' (Courtesy takaal.) Plus, how the bailout was supposed to have worked. (Courtesy noblessa.)
* Interesting. McCain withdraws from Michigan, once thought an important battleground state.
* How YouTube brings politics back to the people.
* The Titanic disaster as a failure of management.
* Neat! How bloggers make money.
* Good reads: the AV Club interviews Bill Maher and Simon Pegg.


"I may not answer the questions the way you and the moderator want to hear..."

"They had a basic strategy: make the race about Obama. Well, the race is now about the economy. And, as predicted, there's more curiosity about Sarah Palin than about Obama. Compare this to Democratic strategists who worried that Obama wasn't fighting back hard enough. Turns out that Obama didn't need to - events took care of the problem."

Analysis: why is the McCain campaign faltering? (Great read.)

You know, I am genuinely curious about Palin's weird college history.

* Good read: Scott MacLeod with an in-depth analysis of the Middle East section of the debates.
* "When the Republican candidate for vice president calls the current Republican president names, you know there's been a sea change."
* Early wrap-up by Howard Kurtz.
* Reviews by Tom Shales and Dana Milbank.
* Graphing the words they used.
* Questions remain on Palin.
* ...Did Krauthammer just admit defeat?