October 2nd, 2008


Netflixin': The Orphanage

We sat down to watch The Orphanage based solely on the fact that it was produced by Guillermo del Toro (and I read an interview where he talked it up.) And we were not disappointed. An eerie mix of horror and drama, the film is both engaging and tense. If you liked del Toro's earlier movies, check this one out before Hollywood decides to do an American remake.

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Have I mentioned I love the debates?

Reminder: vice-presidential debate is tonight, and oddly enough, people care this time around.

On the question from temperment, for both Obama and McCain. (That video is very telling.) Bonus fact-checking followup from Politico.

* Good read: a memo to Joe Biden on the morning of the debate.
* "McCain embraces the GOP's small-government rhetoric. But his record shows that in a crisis, he is among the quickest in his party to call for robust government intervention."
* Good read: no pity for Palin.
* Snerk. Rolling Stone with eleven myth and facts about Palin. (Courtesy shadorunr.)
* Oh, wow. Diagramming Palin's sentences. (Courtesy my dad.)


OK, one "liveblog"

Did Biden just trick Palin into saying she supported civil unions for homosexual couples?

[9:55 - "too much looking back" at the Bush administration? It's a trap!]

[9:57 - Also, you really don't want to go against Biden on foreign policy. Trust me on this one.]

[10:12 - OK, nevermind. Palin wins the name-dropping contest by giving a whole third-grade class extra credit. Well played.]

[10:34 - OK, maybe they'll keep her on the ticket.]

[10:48 - More tomorrow, but until then, FactCheck.org, Fact Checker and MGK.]

[12:13 - "Having just spent 90 minutes attacking your opponent's running mate, how would you change the tone in Washington?" -Jim Poniewozik]