September 27th, 2008


Netflixin': The Spiderwick Chronicles

We went into The Spiderwick Chronicles expecting adequate kids' fantasy, but were pleasantly surprised by the movie. It fits the mold you'd expect for the plotline, but with a number of more mature character elements thrown in that will help it stand the test of time when so many other children's movies would just be forgotten. All this plus some decent special effects and good acting makes for an enjoyable film. Recommended, even for adults.

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"One of these two Senators is about to be thrust into the White House, however, where the gravest financial crisis since the Great Depression will shape his agenda and probably narrow his options for years to come. Beneath the armor of two politicians in crisis mode, there were signs of the kind of President each would be."

Debate wrapup: Post analysis and fact-checking. Quick reactions from Chris Cillizza. Divergent opinions from Mike Murphy and Joe Klein. The NYTimes saw a generational clash. And finally, Tom Shales.

* What the heck? New questions about Gonzales, involving faked notes and other shenanigans?
* A return to the age of activism?
* Somalian pirates ransom Ukrainian ship full of tanks and ammo.
* Chinese astronaut walks in space.
* UCLA mathematicians discover a '13-million-digit prime number'
* Neat! The Stardust capsule set to go on display at the Smithsonian.

Famed actor and philanthropist Paul Newman passed away. (Bonus: BBC gallery of his career.)