September 20th, 2008



Last night, caught up on a long-awaited dinner with mscongeniality. She gifted me with books and DVDs and other treats she was trying to get rid of, so, hooray for free l00t. (Also, bonus mix CD. Score.) Afterwards, we caught the first episode of John Adams and yep, pretty darned good.

Today, however, I feel like I was run over by a truck. M. has a theory that I've been fighting off some illness this week, and I'm beginning to believe it. And man, today is epic slow at work.

One year ago today, we adopted Kira. She is still a fine and upstanding kitty.

Tonight, no clue. Tomorrow, quiet day with the Z. Maybe some more painting at night. Monday, new Heroes! Can't wait.


featuring: Mars, movies, and mystery wreckage

Good read: Dan Froomkin dismantles Bush's defense of his legacy (and Charles Krauthammer's article on the same.)

Good read: Andrew Cohen on the Justice Department's real record.

New questions about the surge and the decline in violence in Iraq.

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Hollywood pushes 3-D films in a big way; I'm not pleased by this development.

Wowzah! Fifty awesome movie posters from Poland. (Courtesy necrocannibal.)