September 13th, 2008



Hit a very keen housewarming party last night, caught up with old friends and met some cool new people, to boot. Stayed up way too late for a school night, however. Not that I was at all tired, but I knew I'd have a hard time rolling out of bed this morning. Toyed with the idea of just playing video games when I got home, but opted to try and sleep for a few hours. Which was, as it turns out, the wrong idea, as I completely slept through all my alarms (a rare occasion for me) and got woken up by the phone call from work, asking what's up. Worst phone call ever.

Work people weren't mad when I got here, looks like a fun day dealing with hurricane fallout. Did I mention I was the only one here, too? Good times.

Tomorrow, a certain wedding, followed by family dinner for my mom's birthday.

More catching up later.


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Whoah. McCain gets totally grilled on... The View. Yes, seriously.

The Post ombudsman talks about fairness in the Post's electoral coverage.

* The Kurds work to expand their territory in Iraq.
* "Until the Europeans stand together - and with the United States - against Moscow's bullying, Russia's leaders will feel little pressure to change their behavior."
* Why is Canada turning so mean?
* Jewish leaders question another odd change to the Catholic catechism.
* "Chile's youths are living in a period of sexual exploration that, academics and government officials say, is like nothing the country has witnessed before."
* The return of Goth fashion.