September 5th, 2008


political dump

"McCain's argument is like staging a revolution against yourself - the Republicans have got to go so the Republicans can move in and clean up the mess."

"For God's sake, if you think it's in America's interest to speak to international adversaries, you ought to be able to sit down with a guy whose TV show you don't like."

* Ugh. The choice of Palin as the return to the "culture war". And how she is really running against the media. But she seems to be in tune with what God wants, like th Iraq war and gas pipelines, so there's that.
* Editorial: so, how would McCain lead the country?
* Why aren't the Democrats railing about how Bush shredded the Constitution?
* What McCain learned from Bush, why why this election looks so familiar.
* Opportunism: Christian conservatives changing their tune on family values.
* On Palin and those earmarks. You know, the ones McCain himself criticized. Fact-checking Palin's speech. (Courtesy jszmajda.)
* And if you think Palin was a poor choice, consider the alternatives.
* Also, one cranky interview by McCain.
* More fact-checking: "...The U.S. imports more foreign oil from friendly Canada than it does all
of those Middle East countries combined."
* Obama answers some questions on science.
* Solid. Jon Stewart on right-wing hypocrisy.


(no subject)

* Flooding in Haiti in the wake of storms.
* Good read: how to leave Iraq responsibly.
* Was the Bush administration spying on al-Maliki? More behind-the-scenes info from Bob Woodward.
* Jobless rate soars.
* Hey, remember when everyone was up in arms because Obama suggested sending American troops into Pakistan? Funny story.
* Follow-up: Abramoff sentenced to four years in prison.
* "A chunk of ice shelf nearly the size of Manhattan has broken away from Ellesmere Island in Canada's northern Arctic."
* Defining sex addiction.
* Positive movement towards a new Ghostbusters movie.