August 15th, 2008

What the hell?!

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Couple notes about the trip last weekend, in lieu of the actual wrap-up:

* The whole time we were packing, Kira would sit right on top of our suitcases. If I tossed her off one, she's crawl over to the other and sack out there. So cute.

* The drive up north? It was frikkin' 65 degrees out. Positively lovely trip.

* The coolest graffiti I didn't get a picture of: on an overpass on the drive up, in big letters, it just read "IT CAN GET BETTER."

* The ceremony was nice, but, man, I have some commentary on some of the preacher's metaphors. (Hint: whatever story you're telling, you don't need to reference Deliverance at a wedding.)

* After the reception, I pulled out my little notes book out of my breast pocket, to write something down, and I heard a clank noise. I looked around on the ground, didn't see anything, didn't think anything of it. Tragically, it turned out that was my beloved black pearl tie tack, which is now lost forever. Sad sad.

* Unrelated TV notes: Jeff Fahey as an aging motorcyclin' daredevil on Psych? Brilliant. Even better with Harmony as his wife. And man, how does Venture Brothers keep getting better and better?


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"A new report from the Senate Judiciary Committee examines the use of the state secrets privilege by the executive branch and describes the intent of new legislation to strengthen judicial review of its use in civil litigation."

Demographics: welcome to America... 2042.

"The number of oxygen-starved 'dead zones' in coastal waters around the world has roughly doubled every decade since the 1960s."

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No answers in the catastrophic Netflix outage.

Whoah! "Scientists uncover skeletons thought to be as old as 10,000 years, when monsoon rains created a 'green Sahara.'"