August 11th, 2008



Things are quiet on the home front. Z. is a sicky, with an unpleasant sounding cough. She's eating waffles right now and watching Looney Tunes, hee. (She's a Coyote fan, too.) My family came over yesterday, good times were had. And they brought over some fun activities for today, as well.

Today is also laundry and other housework. But, obviously, not much interwebs. M. shows up this evening, at some point.

* Courtesy asimplelife: who is Clark Rockerfeller?
* Courtesy examorata, Charles Van Doren talks about the quiz show scandal. (And courtesy my dad, more questions.)
* Courtesy shadorunr, Snoop Dogg goes Bollywood.


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One of the things my parents picked up for Z. to do was these little toy eggs that you bust up with little plastic archaeological tools, to dig out the dinosaur bones hidden within.

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She went for the triceratops, and gave me the stegosaurus.

The digging itself was a little tougher than expected, and a little more time-intensive than Z. planned for. I helped her out with hers, however, and she kept up like a trooper, coughing and all. I explained that this is what paleotheist does for a living; Z. noted that lemonruss wasn't as big as a dinosaur.

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She insisted on wearing a dress today. And when that dress got dusty from the digging, she changed into another dress. I at least convinced her not to wear one of her nice velvety ones.

So, dig complete. I washed the bones when we were done, since I happen to have things for washing tiny plastic pieces around the house. It's how I roll. Hopefully we'll be able to assemble them this afternoon.

Z. adds, after I read out this post to her: "Christmas cat. Kira friends." No, I don't know why.


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Z. songs of the day: "Daydream Believer" by the Monkees, and "You Really Got Me" by the Kinks.

We called M. to see how her trip was going, and Z. talked her ear off for like twenty minutes, describing such details as her entire lunch menu, and what socks she was wearing.

And Z. is tragically still sicky, so, no school for her tomorrow. Which doesn't excuse bath time tonight.