August 3rd, 2008


Sunday politics reading

"If such a tragic tarnishing of the reputation could happen to a fresh-faced reformer like Obama, it could happen to anybody. And, in fact, it has - at least to anybody who has happened to attain the Democratic presidential nomination at any point over the last five election cycles. John Kerry, as everybody remembers, came to be defined almost exclusively as a flip-flopper. (A 2004 Wall Street Journal news article described him as 'a politician with a troublesome reputation for trying to have it both ways.')... It was true: Voters didn't trust Clinton - or Gore, or Kerry. In all of those elections, polls showed the Democratic nominee scoring higher on most of the issues, but the Republican nominee scoring higher on honesty and other personal qualities. Either this is because the Democratic Party keeps nominating weasels for president, time and time again, or else there's something systemic that makes Republicans (and the press) portray them as such. I'm going with explanation number two."

Also, two good profiles of McCain:

The Curious Mind of John McCain: Ambition and Emotion Color the Complex Intellect of the Candidate

The Great White Hope by billmon (Courtesy professorbooty.)

What the hell?!

scene from a basement apartment

[M. is cooking dinner. Z. is playing with some bones she found in the woods a while back.]

Z.: Are these bones from an animal?
M.: Mmm-hmm.
Z.: I want bones from people.
M.: We can look at pictures of human bones online.
Z.: No, I want real bones from people.
M.: Well, we're not allowed to have that, unfortunately.