July 28th, 2008


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New Post mega-series: Oil Shock. Today's top entry: a graphic explaining how many factors go into the current high cost of a gallon of gas.

Reporter does story embarrassing Homeland Security, reporter ends up on the terrorist watch list a week later. Is this really the kind of world we want to live in? (Courtesy ninjacooter.)

'Rethinking solutions to the plastic bag problem.'

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"This is the year they tried to take the comic out of Comic-Con."

In case you still, for some reason, thought anything good about Ben Stein, check out this interview in which he compares Obama to Hitler for... drawing large crowds. Seriously. (Courtesy necrocannibal.)


I'll need to pick up an Obama icon eventually

"[Obama] never would have been treated as a president-in-waiting by heads of state or network talking heads if all he offered were charisma, slick rhetoric and stunning visuals. What drew them instead was the raw power Mr. Obama has amassed: the power to start shaping events and the power to move markets, including TV ratings. (Even Access Hollywood mustered a 20 percent audience jump by hosting the Obama family.) Power begets more power, absolutely."
-Frank Rich