July 21st, 2008


Monday, Monday

Can we just impeach Mukasey for refusing to do his job? Seriously?

How women hit hardest by the spreading global food crisis.

Analysis: "We've gotten to that classic point in a financial crisis where it's gone on for long enough we know there are losses. We just don't know where they are."

* So, what if DNA testing for crimes isn't as reliable as we were lead to believe? (Bonus: graphic.)
* "It is a court with no true liberal on it, the most conservative court in 75 years." (And yet, right-wingers bitch about judicial activism, whenever it's convenient.)
* Battling over the face of 'the next war.'
* Good read: growing cities out west look to deal with urban problems before they become a crisis.
* I don't see a big problem with more transparency at the Smithsonian.
* One of the severed feet that washed ashore in British Columbia has been identified.
* Police set up number for anonymous tips sent through texts.
* The antique future of Tomorrowland.
* If you have a phobia about freakishly huge stingrays, don't follow that link. Wow.