July 11th, 2008

Rock Star

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After class and work last night, jetted out to Vienna to catch up with rshackleford. After some delicious s00shi, we hit the mall for shenanigans. Lego store: intimidating. Scouring the bargain bins at FYE: a classic that never goes out of style.

Class turned out to be surprisingly good and informative.

Tonight, quality time with the fiancee.
Tomorrow, a terrible movie and some guests.
Next week, fingers crossed, less crazy.


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Analysis: What was behind Iran's missile test? Bonus: Iran has now also mastered Photoshop and adds a missile. Good work guys!

Companies struggle to get viral marketing to work for them.

Hot quotation news! Who wrote the Serenity prayer?

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Honestly, if I was going to do a Red Dawn remake, I would do an actual period remake, with Commies as the bad guys and 80's jokes a-plenty. Wolverines! (Courtesy jwiv.)

The AV Club presents your guide to the WALL-E controversy.