July 9th, 2008


movie sign

If we don't learn from history, we are forced to repeat it.

This Saturday night. My place.
Terrible Movie Night
Film selection: a surprise, but the opposite of a treat.
Doors open at 8, bad movie starts at 9.

RSVPs appreciated, but by no means required. We will have some stuff here, but attendees are encouraged to bring something they'd like to drink, or something to help dull the pain.


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"Members of Vice President Cheney's staff censored congressional testimony by a top federal official on the health threats posed by global warming."

Yes, yes, yes: new report by two former secretaries of state says it is time to re-address the War Powers Resolution. Checks and balances, people.

"Today, we need a similar Truth Commission, with subpoena power, to investigate the abuses in the aftermath of 9/11."

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End of eras: scientists plan the trip to upgrade the Hubble for the last time, and schedule out the last of the shuttle trips.

Heh. Loving the voice actors for the Wonder Woman DVD movie.


odds and ends, in no particular order

I think the Thai food I had for lunch if making my eyes itch. And no, I didn't rub my eyes with Thai-stained fingers. But they've been like this since lunch.

Class is, as predicted, hard, but informative, so I can't complain. My brain is totally racing today, I should make the most of it.

Talked to Z. a little last night, sounds like she's having fun overseas. And she's losing her first baby tooth! M. assured her that Singapore has tooth fairies also.

Getting the urge to dump a bunch of junk on eBay again, and not just so I can justify using that money to buy more junk I don't need. OK, sort of.

Finally figured out what to do with my flickr account, which was initially created to comment on, uh, other people's flickr accounts. And I didn't rip off madmolly, because hers is much cooler. Mine is, uh, like a cover song. Or something.

Also, at peace with cannibalizing my old Heroclix for more minis fodder, and it's been treating me well.

Tonight: painting, I think.