July 5th, 2008


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Earlier this week we had a little extra Z. time, so we snuck out to see WALL-E. It goes without saying that I am a fan of Pixar's movies; I think they have a trustworthy brand name from the start, having consistently put out top-quality movies. So my expectations were high, and, once again, Pixar lived up to them with another home run. They pack a lot of character and emotion into those little computer-generated robots, they do. Some people have complained the storyline is too heavy-handed with message. I won't argue that there's no message, but I think they did a good job with it. Probably the best movie I've seen in theaters so far this year.

(Also, my favorite robot was probably M-O. Or HAN-S.)

New trailers:
* Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa - I turned into a big fan of the first, after repeated watchings, so we'll be there.
* The Tale of Despereaux - Maybe? I don't know. Never read the book. Lots of big names in the voice cast.
* Meet Dave - Dear god no. (You can totally spot Riley in the trailer, though.)
* Pink Panther 2 - Ugh. Hey, remember when Steve Martin was a big star?
* Beverly Hills Chihuahua - Z. was totally cracking up over this one, but you know, talking dog movie. Again with the big name voice cast.
* Bolt - I was hoping the dog actually had super powers. On the other hand, the hamster cracked me up. So, maybe on DVD.


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Great read: Joel Achenbach on solving the biggest problem.

"Indeed, the [Supreme Court]'s term was something of a group hug between the liberal and conservative Justices."

Heh. Guess who's sponsoring the Republicans' new push for the the Federal Marriage Amendment? (Courtesy alostrael.)

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The lost footage from Metropolis has been found.

Ahem. Here's your Daily Drag Queen Affirmations.