July 2nd, 2008


Almost done with new icons, too.

Saturday, hit the tasty local pho joint with girlie47 and safetypup. Afterwards, retired to our pad for wine, fun and festivities. Good times.

Sunday, my parents came over to spend time with the Zo-monster. Then they treated us to Pasta Plus, which remains delicious. Again, good times had by all.

Monday and Tuesday, hung out with Z. a bunch, relaxing around the house. We also caught a certain robot movie, which was a treat, and will be fully reviewed later. Before bed last night we read some more Mouse Guard.

She's off to foreign lands this Saturday, so we'll miss her for the next couple weekends, after which she'll return and tell us many exciting tales of far-off shores.

This week is set to be filled with excitement and distractions, with a party on Friday and catching up with friends on Saturday. A clever man might try to sneak in a couple extra summer movies over the next few weeks, we'll see if that pans out.


hot updates in comments

Top read: so, it turns out some of the administration's 'enhanced interrogation techniques' were copied, verbatim, from Chinese Communist techniques from the 50's. Seriously, people.

Andrew Cohen notes the Second Amendment ruling is just the beginning.

The differences in Obama's faith-based plan. I remain... dubious.

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A sequel to 300? What?

New Line has yet to pay the Tolkien estate a single dollar of royalties from the Lord of the Rings movies.