June 20th, 2008

Adult Swim terrorist

in which I get kind of sidetracked

Work has been kicking me around this week.

Thusly, you all must suffer.

Poll #1207919 9-to-5, or so

Do you work...

shift work (have to be in at a certain time, get to leave at a certain time.)
flexible hours (have to work a set amount of time, but get to set those myself, as long as I get my work done.)
I only have to work enough to get the job done, like a freelance writer or whatever.
I work from home, possibly just to make cheetahmaster jealous.
I have some other setup that doesn't fit neatly into these categories, so I will describe it below.
I'm a pirate, and thusly my heart belongs to the sea. Avast.
I make toys for a big guy in a red suit 364 days a year.
I live in a hole in Pennsylvania, and only work one day a year, predicting the weather.