June 13th, 2008


drug of the nation


The Post Express review always includes some amusing quotes.

Ted Allen chats about how the finale was more about one of the non-winners (and some thoughts from Tom Colicchio.)

The AV Club interviews the Top Chef winner.


And speaking of the AV Club, they also did a good interview with Baltar. Who I love.

Also, Number Six and Starbuck also dig motorcycles, making them even cooler.


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"There will be plenty of whining in the days to come from White House officials and Pentagon lawyers but it's really quite simple: when you employ legal shortcuts, and when those trimmings undercut the rights of men, sooner or later the courts will send you back to the drawing board."
-Andrew Cohen (top read)

"President Bush's slow and painful schooling in constitutional law continued today as the Supreme Court ruled for the third time in four years that he had violated a basic precept of the American legal system." -Dan Froomkin

Interesting: two cops in LA disagree on role of race in gang violence.

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The AV Club presents 25 worthwhile documentaries about ambitious outsiders.

Hee. Lego versions of classic photos.