June 8th, 2008

Rock Star


Someone had mentioned knowing where there's one of those karaoke joints in Maryland where they have the private rooms people can rent/occupy. Anyone have any details to provide? Plans are a-foot.


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Last night we hit that tapas joint in Bethesda for a tasty birthday-dinner for M. (despite the heavens opening up for a bit there, nearly waylaying one of our party.)Was a good crowd, not too small, not too big. And mmmm, tapas. I loves me some bacon-covered dates. Like, a lot. M. enjoyed herself immensely, too. Good conversations, good food, good times. Special thanks to salami_salome and jakethrash.

And this afternoon we hit the roller rink for some birthday rollerskating for M. Yes, I did some skating. Pictures may surface eventually. Z. had fun, after some initial trepidation. Again, good crowd, and M. had fun too. More roller skating may happen, at some point. Special thanks go out to cutefuzzykitty.

We just finished watching The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising, which was better than I expected. I've been told it's dramatically different than the book, but I was just in it for a good flick, and was duly rewarded.