May 30th, 2008


so, yes

Tonight we leave for our voyage to the wilds of South Carolina for M.'s big family gathering. We're RV'ing down, which should be entertaining. We are bringing some distractions for Z. for the trip, curious as to how long they'll last.

I hope to find some time to sneak online, but expect me to me more or less offline until, oh, next Wednesday or so. If anything comes up, I will have my cellphone with me.

Now, if work would just slow down for a bit so I can get caught up on things before we leave...


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"The Bush administration, bowing to a court order, has released a fresh summary of research pointing to harmful impacts in the United States from human-caused global warming."

"The worldwide boom in commodities has come to this: Even guano is in strong demand once again."

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Your Friday reading: the normalization of oral sex.

The AV Club interviews Jackson Publick, one of the geniuses behind The Venture Bros.