May 26th, 2008


busy like a bug

Saturday: wine and good conversation catching up with a couple friends. Coolio.
Sunday: up early for breakfast, then a fun cookout plus some games with other friends. Plus a decent Netflix pick and relaxing with a certain someone and her crazy, crazy cat.
Tomorrow: bebe, a cookout or two.
This week: shenanigans. Also, packing.
This weekend+: trip to South Carolina. On purpose. Very odd. Not much interweb either. Scary!


(no subject)

"The idea that a significant portion of Democrats will actually either sit out the race or vote for McCain if she doesn't get on the ticket is somewhat supported by polling but not by history or common sense. And not even the McCain people really believe it."

* Ugh. How much does the administration hate FISA? Enough to redefine the word 'exclusive.'
* Rove subpoenaed, again.
* Interesting. The chairman of the Joint Chiefs warns those in uniform to stay out of politics.
* On the candidates and their views on public diplomacy.
* Quick! Which candidate has missed the most votes in the Senate?
* On Einstein and religion.
* The NYTimes talks xkcd, one of my favorite webcomics.
* Why I love America. And I'm not being sarcastic here. I love love love living in a country/culture/time that could produce this.

Hee. Some awesome picks for Obama's veep. (Courtesy professorbooty.)