April 28th, 2008


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Whoah: "Three young adults barely able to see because of a congenital and progressive form of blindness have regained modest amounts of vision after getting genetically engineered viruses injected into their eyes."

Joel Achenbach asks: what does the president's job really entail, day in and day out?

* The Post takes on the new economics of hunger.
* Top read: Andrew Cohen on the 13th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing.
* Another mystery: why is the mortality rate so high for these women?
* "Mr. McCain seems to combine the two strains of the decade in which he grew up."
* The new partisan world leads to local discord over campaigning.
* Futurist: looking at DC, seventeen years from now.
* Egads. Thawing out the colossal squid.


that time of year

The ultimate summer movie guide. (Courtesy asimplelife.)

The AV Club presents eighteen pretty great summer blockbusters not directed by Steven Spielberg.

Heh. Mike Mearls explains why he just can't buy the zombie apocalypse.

The AV Club also reviews Ben Stein's anti-evolution movie. But the money quote, from a different article:

"You'd think Yoko Ono would be thrilled that her late husband's most famous song is being used, without permission, in a documentary about how Darwinists are like Nazis."