April 21st, 2008



Saturday evening, a fine fete in deepest VA for nalroth. We crashed over there, picked up Z. in the rain and traffic on the way home in the morning. Hit lunch with M.'s parents, came back to our pad and played Yahtzee (first time I've ever played, to the best of my knowledge.) shibakiei came over, we had dinner, and the girls watched Annie while I made a point of not watching Annie. Heh. shibakiei got on with her night, Z. hit the hay. I snuck in a little work on some figs, which I was particularly happy with; pics will be posted, eventually. Afterwards, M. and I finally sat down to watch BSG. (One word: ZOMG.)

Run-on sentence day.

Today: kept Z. home, we're currently happily board-gaming and relaxing. Which isn't helping my ever-intimidating to-do list, but it's something.

Plans for the rest of the week: Lost returns Thursday. And, uh, hmmm.


Welcome to America, 2008

Top read: the Pentagon's 'media analysts', forming the propaganda wing of the military-industrial complex. (Bonus coverage from Howard Kurtz.) "The jaw-dropping story is based on 8,000 pages of e-mail, transcripts and records that the Times obtained by suing the Defense Department."

* "The BTK case was an early use of an emerging tool in law enforcement: analyzing the DNA of a suspect's relatives."
* The shifting line between fighting terrorism and not getting convictions.
* As it turns out, the war isn't the only cause of the failing economy. Awesome.
* Good read: Frank Rich on the controversial ABC debate.
* American workers struggle to deal with an e-mail tsunami."
* "This paranoid style gibes with the content of the film, which is less an attack on evolution than a conspiracy theory about the evolutionists who control our government."