April 11th, 2008


that's entertainment

A list of all Disney and Pixar animated features to be released up through 2012. I am not pleased by the proliferation of 3-D.

Hmm. Adaptation signed for Hack/Slash. Might work. Might not.

Date for the next Punisher movie pushed back. However, I *love* that pic of Ray "that dude from Rome" Stephenson.

A potential lawsuit is brewing around the popular Scrabulous online version of Scrabble.

The AVClub interviews the Mythbusters Jamie and Adam.


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"All three presidential candidates are much better at exposing the flaws in each other's Iraq strategy than explaining and defending their own policy. The truth is that there is no painless way out of the Iraq imbroglio. There are huge costs to staying in, and huge costs to getting out. In their attempts to gain electoral advantage, none of the three candidates has been entirely honest with the American people about the downsides of their particular exit strategy."

* E.J. Dionne Jr.: "The problem with the debate over our future course in Iraq is that the two sides are not even talking about the same things."
* Eugene Robinson, on how the surge has turned into the stall.
* David Ignatius on the Iran problem. Also, Joe Klein takes on Charles Krauthammer over Iran. Both good reads.
* Obama discusses issues affecting the LGBT community. Again, I have to admire his honesty. (Courtesy coasterboy.)
* Dudes. It was still a plenty big asteroid.
* Some Chinese Americans unhappy with the tone of the Olympic demonstrations. On the other hand, 'Sacred Flame Protection Unit'!
* Nice! Will CafePress be the new political poll?