March 17th, 2008


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Catwoman: Feminine Power, on the Prowl
"Her role in comics, TV and movies has evolved from a conflicted villain to an im-purr-fectly empowered antihero." (Man, I need to post more from this article series. Stupid NPR.)

* More from WWLA as I get to it, but here's a report from the movie panel. Good wrapup of upcoming projects from Hollywood.
* Universal Pictures signs a deal with Dark Horse.
* Hmmm. Marvel to adapt Stephen King's The Stand.
* New Buck Rogers comic book in the works.
* Dave Stevens, creator of The Rocketeer, passed away.


news supplemental: bombshell edition

"The falsehoods [were] largely part of an effort to disguise the obvious fact that the dismissals were the implementation of a political plan which had been formulated in the White House [and] to disguise... an elaborate scheme ... to circumvent the process through which candidates are reviewed and confirmed by the Senate using a secret amendment to the USA PATRIOT Act." (Courtesy Ana Marie Cox.)