March 16th, 2008


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"Almost 32 years to the day after President Ford created an independent Intelligence Oversight Board made up of private citizens with top-level clearances to ferret out illegal spying activities, President Bush issued an executive order that stripped the board of much of its authority."

"It's no mystery. You have a very unhappy electorate, which is no surprise, with oil at $108 a barrel, stocks down a few thousand points, a war in Iraq with no end in sight and a president who is still very, very unpopular. He's just killed the Republican brand."

* 'Was it worth it?: The diplomatic fallout five years on from the US-led Iraq invasion'
* And it turns out Bush is pro-smog. No, seriously.
* Good read: the pro-big business Supreme Court.
* Why OPEC won't boost supplies. Go ahead, guess.
* Mixed signals from McCain on foreign policy.
* So, uh, who won in Texas? And by how much?
* 'Compared with British and French affairs, the Spitzer mess is a bit of a disappointment.'