February 28th, 2008



"The Bush White House has made a mockery of the Presidential Records Act and its requirement that official White House records - including e-mails - be preserved for posterity.

"At a congressional hearing yesterday, it became clear for the first time that top White House officials knowingly adopted a new e-mail system in 2002 that was riddled with technical problems that not only risked data loss but could easily be exploited by those who wished to keep their e-mails from public scrutiny. We've known for a while that a lot of White House e-mails, by some accounts numbering in the millions, are missing and have possibly been erased. Yesterday's discovery raises the question of whether that happened by accident - or by design. And the White House's unhurried approach to addressing the problem is hardly reassuring.

"Similarly, we already knew that Karl Rove and many of his colleagues routinely used Republican National Committee e-mail accounts for official business over a period of years, thereby avoiding any archiving process whatsoever. But House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Henry Waxman made the startling announcement yesterday that the RNC has not tried - and has no intention of trying - to restore any of those e-mails."

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many good reads today

"Sageman has collected [data] on more than 500 Islamic terrorists - to understand who they are, why they attack and how to stop them."

Joe Klein with today in Iraq, and with 'McCain's Iraq Fantasia.'

Good read: Robin D. Laws on news stories that impact childhood.

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Inside Skywalker Ranch.

Details on the new Terminator movie starring Christian Bale.