January 31st, 2008


lots of good stuff today

GAH. Bush uses signing statements to ignore Congress's power of the purse. Seriously. This is like basic Constitutional matters here, people. (Bonus: LiveOnline transcript.)

Wowzah. Japanese holographic water monster. Must see video! (Courtesy mscongeniality.)

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Marvel unveils the new Captain America.

Brian K. Vaughan says goodbye to Y: The Last Man and hello to Lost.

The Nightmare returns: Freddy's back in a new movie franchise.

Adult Swim terrorist


One year ago today, a bunch of people in Boston created a terrorist scare when they decided that a bunch of Lite-Brite looking devices advertising a cartoon about fast food products solving crimes in New Jersey* were clear evidence of a terrorist attack.

A bunch of artists celebrated in their own way. (Courtesy ammitnox.)

Also, a brief word from Mr. Milholland.

* - they don't actually solve many crimes.