January 27th, 2008


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Yesterday evening was a comedy of errors, followed by catching up with rshackleford and watching a couple movies. Good times, but not nearly long enough. Will have to plot to head out to VA at some point. Also met Charlie the Wonder Dog, truly a fine and stately creature.

And, oh. We watched a German teen nerd zombie comedy, Night of the Living Dorks. It's a treat, and funnier than it had any right to be. Couple good visual references in there, too. If you're on the Netflix, consider this my recommendation.

This morning was breakfast courtesy girlie47, followed by ice skating in Herndon. Well, actually, only the kids and a few adults were ice skating. I sat on the side and took pictures and tried not to panic, as Z. went ice skating for the first time, many thanks to syntart and our other assistant ice skating coaches for making sure she had a good time. Pictures to follow. Good times seeing people, as always.

For whoever it was asking about Z.'s new hat, we picked it up at bunnywarez. If you end up ordering from there, mention I sent you there.



Anyone out there available to give me a ride tomorrow afternoon for a quick trip? About an hour total (the destination is a half-hour from my pad.) Drop me an e-mail or give me a call to let me know if you can. Favor can even be repaid with dinner, for the clever citizen!

[UPDATE: ride secured, thanks for the offers, crew.]