January 21st, 2008


my daughter, the mastermind

Watching Independence Day last night, we got to the scene early on where the fighter planes fire their missiles and discover that the alien ships have shields. I ask Z. if she thinks they'll be able to shoot down the spaceships, and she said "If the aliens didn't have shields, the movie would be over."


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"If you're running for president in the U.S. this year, take note: your predecessor has come and gone on a Middle East visit, and the region may be the worse for it. Learn these lessons from President Bush's handling of the Middle East, or else you too may find your presidency mired in military and diplomatic quagmires that you will pass to your own eventual successor."

Good read: two views on progress and the future in in Iraq.

Nice. A speech on unity by Barack Obama.

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So, uh, how are soap operas still on during the strike?

Good read: on DC Comics, infinite Crises, and branding. (Courtesy warmaster.)

The Razzie nominations are announced.