January 9th, 2008


anthology of interest

Don't get me wrong. I'm OK with the unnaturally warm weather. I don't miss walking to work with the cold wind making my freakin' bones hurt. It's just, you know, unnatural. I fear what it bodes for the near future.

Now that the holidays are over, we've moved Z. to her new schedule. Instead of getting her Sunday and Tuesday, we now get her Sunday and Monday. It's nice having the two days back to back, but it's a long stretch between weekends.

We're currently hosting a couple friends as houseguests, also. It's nice to be able to help out people that have helped us out in the past.

The last holiday is, in fact, Z.'s birthday next week. She turns five! So odd. We're throwing her a kid party next Sunday, and man, it's going to be way too many kids in our tiny apartment. Plus a lot of adults.

Tonight: a surprising concert.
Tomorrow: gaming. (Rezolution, specifically.)
Friday: good question.
Saturday: party.
Sunday: kid party.
Monday: family dinner.


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"Hanuman is the original superhero. He is thousands of years older than Superman, Spider-Man and Batman." Hindu gods and goddesses gain new popularity in myth-based animation.

Interesting (and positive) developments in Iran. Also, a good read on the brinkmanship in the Gulf.

Why voter-ID laws are pointless distractions, at best.

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More strike news: NBC 'scales down' the Golden Globes broadcast.

Welcome to America, 2008: "While the DVD market did experience its first decline, it still generated more sales in 2007 than music, videogames, or the theatrical box office."