January 3rd, 2008


More 2007 wrapup

* Brilliant! The Bush administration's dumbest legal arguments of the year.
* No seriously: a fancy list of 'Bush administration officials who have been indicted, convicted or have pled guilty; resigned because of investigations or allegations of impropriety; failed to get nominated because of scandal; or been notified they are under investigation but are still serving.' (Bonus: keeping track of all the scandals!)
* The Fact Checker presents the Pinocchio Awards for 2007.
* Some of the best quotes of the year.
* Hollywood continued to face poor attendance at the box office, never a good sign.
* Heh. Bill Maher presents the dickheads of the year awards. (Courtesy asimplelife.)


I'm full of news these days

Joel Achenbach predicts New Hampshire and Iowa. Joe Klein reports on the candidates' final stumping.

Q&A: 'Why Iowa? And what's a caucus, anyway?' Added bonus: why a caucus is a bad idea.

* Eyewitness reports from on the ground in Nairobi.
* Joe Klein with a tale of two Romneys. Ouch.
* Representative Lantos will not run for re-election.
* "It's easy to reduce all of what is wrong with American journalism to the near industrywide ban on booze in the newsroom. So I will."
* "He's the rock star of ramen."
* Casting: naming Storm Shadow for G.I.Joe, and an, uh, interesting choice for Star Trek.
* Author of the 'Flashman' series George MacDonald Fraser passed away.
* David Letterman presents the top ten demands of the striking writers.