PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Today's must read: more on the White House's media paranoia, how they avoid tough questions, and how to pick your news outlets (includes the terms "Teapot Dome" and "Vietnam.")

* Forces in Iraq face setbacks in the continuing guerrilla war.
* White House may face subpoenas if they continue to withhold intelligence reports on the Sept. 11th attacks.
* Israel to expand settlements instead of dismantling them.
* Thomas Friedman proposes three new NATO members: Iraq, Egypt and Israel. No, seriously.
* Senate has a chance to stand tall on global warming.
* Inside reports on the influence evangelicals have over the White House.
* Take a close look at one of the foreign governments our administration is supporting. (Wait, the White House is supporting nepotism? Who knew.)
* The Archdiocese of New York is planning a large overhaul.
* Howard Kurtz on how Gephardt became a candidate again.
* More Howard Kurtz on why administration leaks keep happening, and other stories.
* UMCP campus gets what it deserves. Also, this proves is the best site evar, as identifies the culprit as a SA forum member. (Both links courtesy Callico.)
* Libertarians plan takeover of New Hampshire. No, really.
* Inner turmoil between Disney and ABC.

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