December 28th, 2007

Adult Swim terrorist

crisis: averted?

Bebe was sick yesterday, throwing up, listless, the whole nine yards. A few phone calls later, I was convinced she had what her cousin (and conversely her grandfather) had, which apparently lasted for upwards of a week. Much cuddling on the couch and watching terrible kid shows* commenced. And then, by evening, she was fine. Active even. And she slept cleanly through the night, despite an early wake-up to drive me in to work. Huh. Weird, but I'll take it.

Anyways. Back at work, after much time spent away. Will commence catching up on the internet soon, but if there's anything of which I should be made aware, let me know.

Tonight, no idea. Tomorrow night, bonus bebe, relaxation. Sunday, a little Heroclix during the day, followed by more relaxation. Monday, dinner, babysitters, and shenanigans. Tuesday, bonus bebe. Things is almost back to normal.

* - Crazy and British as the show is, it is Henson, so I do have to give it some props.


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"A bracing text for this Christmas week is the famous correspondence between John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. Their letters are a reminder that the Founders were men of the Enlightenment - supreme rationalists who would have found the religiosity of much of our modern political life quite abhorrent."

Why science rocks: the top ten new organisms of 2007. (Courtesy reese99.)

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Peter Berg signs for a new big-screen version of Dune.

Happy birthday, Stan Lee!