December 23rd, 2007


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"As 2007 comes to close, how should we understand the situation in Iraq? Are we witnessing the greatest American military comeback late in a war since Sherman’s march to the sea in 1864? Or is Iraq still a weakly governed and very violent place where sectarian reconciliation is starkly absent?"

* Zimbabwe spirals into chaos.
* Overfishing and deep sea fishing are ruining the ecosystem.
* Israel confirms that it will be expanding two settlements.
* Bob Herbert on the grim economic future for average Americans.
* Trickle-down effect: as the real estate bubble bursts, local taxes start to give way, which is hurting local government.
* Global warming brings a tropical virus to Italy.
* Analysis: Romney's tendency to 'exaggerate' is coming back to haunt him.
* Budget cuts translate into layoffs at Fermilab.
* Pantone announces the color of 2008.

"What would George Washington do about Iraq?"


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OK, about to head south for the majority of the week. We'll be back in town on Friday. Won't be entirely out of touch, but will be online dramatically less. Thanks again to our noble catsitters for checking on the Kira. She's currently running around being crazy, because I think she knows I'm about to head out.