December 22nd, 2007


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Oh, ferchrissakes: "The Federal Election Commission will effectively go dark on Jan. 1 because Congress remains locked in a standoff over the confirmation of President Bush's nominees to the panel. As a consequence, the FEC will enter 2008 with just two of six members - short of the four votes needed for the commission to take any official action."

Conspiracy theorists, start your engines: the FBI is building the granddaddy of all biometrics databases. (Bonus: graphic!)

And speaking of conspiracy theories: continuing the fight against, uh, fluoridated water.

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Sacha Baron Cohen retires Borat and Ali G.

Nice! Target markets menswear inspired by David Bowie.

Adult Swim terrorist

crisis: averted

OK, after a panicked call to M. (who is already at her parents' house,) it turns out we did not, in fact, misplace the bag with all of Z.'s presents. But man, that was a scary fifteen minutes.

Now, for a quiet evening around the house, plus some packing. I leave for the trip to southern MD tomorrow afternoon.