December 21st, 2007

What the hell?!

Why I love Wikipedia

Wikipedia is basically designed for people like me who love obscure yet pointless trivia, especially those that make good stories.

"In 1994, [Mark] Russell found himself unexpectedly allied with the rap group 2 Live Crew, when the group was sued for copyright infringement for their parody of the song 'Oh, Pretty Woman.' The case went to the Supreme Court, where Russell and the members of 2 Live Crew argued that song parodies were protected under the Fair Use act. The Supreme Court agreed, and ruled in favor of Russell and 2 Live Crew."

Space Jerk

you are all on notice

I'm going to be at work tomorrow for ten hours, and I suspect nothing will be happening. Thusly, you are all notified that you need to be updating your LiveJournals or hitting me up on AIM, to keep me awake and sane.