December 18th, 2007


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* "The N.S.A.'s reliance on telecommunications companies is broader and deeper than ever before... yet that alliance is strained by legal worries and the fear of public exposure."
* Turkish soldiers enter Iraq.
* Wouldn't it be kind of embarrassing to have a lot of support from homeschoolers?
* Frank Rich on Romney and Oprah.
* BAGnewsNotes on this year's White House holiday card.
* "A giant rodent five times the size of a common rat has been discovered in the mountainous jungles of New Guinea."
* Leno and O'Brien to cross the picket lines. Also, award shows in trouble.
* A farewell to Emeril is only one change in store at the Food Network.
* Ouch. The AVClub presents the worst movies of 2007. And I've only seen one of them!