December 9th, 2007


like an unorganized library

The next comic book I will be loaning to everyone: It's a Bird by Steven T. Seagle. It's about a freelance writer who lands a job writing Superman, but finds he can't do it. Very meta, very interesting (and at times rough) read. Highly recommended.

Also, I got back my copy of volume 1 of Nextwave!, for whoever it was who I told I needed to loan it to them.

Holy carp, this week is goofy.
Last night: relaxation with a couple friends.
Today: movie with the Z-dawg, then tree trimmin'.
Tomorrow: errands and book club holiday partay.
Tuesday: dinner with friends.
Wednesday: Pushing Daisies.
Thursday: work holiday party.
Friday: someone's else's holiday party with M.'s family.
Then there's a like a week before the real holiday goofiness begins. Then it's a week before 2008. I am wholly unprepared for this, mentally.