December 2nd, 2007

Rock Star

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Holy carp, last night's party for shibakiei went off pretty awesomely, if I do say so myself. So well that I not only stayed pleasantly tipsy all evening, but I stayed up literally all hours. When I finally made it to bed, I had been up literally 24 hours. And I'm not overly tired now. Excellent times with excellent people, some of which we certainly need to make more time for soonly. Love to all.

(Oh, and special thanks to jasmydae for her services as majordomo. As always.)

Tomorrow's the last Heroes for, um, a while, so if you're interested in swinging by our pad, let me know.


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* On the built-in corruption of politicians and lobbyists.
* How politics is killing the anthrax vaccine.
* Fred Kaplan on missed opportunities in the Middle East.
* Military to start using more data from the Iraqi government.
* Dick Polman gives out special awards for the Republican YouTubes debate.
* Making the big time: new papal encyclical attacks atheism.
* Re-translating the 'Gospel of Judas.'
* Holy cats! Activision and Blizzard to merge.