November 30th, 2007


"In conclusion, I hate Rob Liefeld and he should be thrown in a well."

* City of Heroes news: Issue 11 hit last night, and I don't know where to start.
* An awesome review of why Rob Liefeld is a terrible artist. Too many funny quotes. (Courtesy marag.)
* presents the nine most badass Bible verses. (Courtesy devolutionary.)
* Attention UMCP alum: courtesy Mr. Bruns, a new project by the guy that drew Igdoof.
* This February, on DVD: Justice League: The New Frontier.


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"A U.S. official overseeing a probe of potential White House misconduct declared through a spokesman yesterday that he will not give federal investigators copies of personal files that he deleted from his office computer."

Bubble, redux: journalists frustrated by their lack of access to Clinton.

New documents show Nixon was concerned about Israel's nukes.

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AV Club primer on the Coen Brothers.

"Thriller" at twenty-five.