November 17th, 2007


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"Proponents see institutions such as John Jay as antidotes to secular universities, which they believe are intolerant of conservative views. Others fear such programs will train professionals to wage war against the separation of church and state, and infuse government and the Constitution with religion."

More evidence that the Red Cross was barred from meeting with prisoners at Guantanamo.

Good read: Paul Krugman follows the corporate money in politics.

Dan Froomkin on Bush's other war, on the judicial branch.

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"Scientists say they may be on the brink of translating into words the thoughts of a man who can no longer speak."

Cyberpunk now: "For as little as $1,000 and a saliva sample, customers of an infant industry will be able to learn what is known about how their biological code shapes who they are."

Strike news: Writers and studios are back at the bargaining table. Fingers crossed.