November 7th, 2007


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Lovely birthday at home yesterday. I'm a big fan of just spending time around the house with the family on holidays, and we don't often get the opportunity, what with familial obligations. But M. went out of her way to take care of everything yesterday. And Z. had big fun conspiring with her. Good times.

We've also been tearing through the Netflix: 1408 is about as good as it looks. Surf's Up is better than it looks, but is really more for adults than I expected. And if you aren't my Netflix Friend, then let me personally recommend Fido as the best zombie comedy of the year.

Oh, and the cat was an absolute peach during the movies last night. Just sayin'.

Tonight, more eBays. Tomorrow, gaming, possibly Rezolution. Friday, Horrorclix at Dream Wizards. Saturday, my birthday partay. Sunday, family dinner.


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Good read: Dana Milbank on the fate of Bush's freedom agenda.

Meanwhile, oil is about to hit $100 a barrel.

Looking ahead: Japan ponders how to deal with its aging prison population.

Wow. "What would have been unthinkably out of bounds just a few seasons back is now comedy fodder on a popular, major network show."

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A nice explanation of the reasons behind the TV writer's strike. (Courtesy professorbooty.)

Networks plan for mid-season makeovers with the strikes in mind.