November 5th, 2007


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Vox populi: "One year out from the 2008 election, Americans are deeply pessimistic and eager for a change in direction from the agenda and priorities of President Bush... Concern about the economy, the war in Iraq and growing dissatisfaction with the political environment in Washington all contribute to the lowest public assessment of the direction of the country in more than a decade. Just 24 percent think the nation is on the right track, and three-quarters said they want the next president to chart a course that is different than that pursued by Bush."

"President Bush's coddling of Pakistani leader Pervez Musharraf suddenly risks being exposed as another case of White House anti-terror policies going spectacularly bad."

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Well, hell. "Hollywood writers strike as talks fail"


What the hell?!

Everybody's working for on the weekend

How I spent my day off:
* Dropping of Z-Dog, including playing more Twenty Questions in the car. (She loves this game, although she calls it 'the thinking game.')
* Hitting the bank, lamenting our financial situation. Picking up some groceries.
* Picking up anti-flea stuff at PetSmart. This is what they call 'foreshadowing.'
* Clipping the cat's nails, which went better than it had any right to.
* Spending about two hours on the phone arguing with Verizon about their screw-up, and losing. Re-lamenting financial situation. Figuring it out.
* At the same time, handing off the call to Washington Gas to M., as I was getting a call on my other line from a manager at Verizon. (M. has the amusing details here.) Juggling phones, just like work!
* Bathing the cat. Which went exactly as well as you might think. Pictures of the sad soaked rat-cat to follow, eventually.
* Doing something like six loads of laundry, including linens and blankets. Vacuuming the entire house. Spraying things we couldn't vacuum.

Good times, people. Good times.