November 2nd, 2007

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My e-mail is still down. If you need to get a hold of me, drop me a note here, or hit the cell, or use paul dot jacobus@gmail or what have you.

[UPDATE: my mail seems to be working now, so I am once again ignoring gmail. -12:14 PM]

In other news, the cat was spazzing out last night when we were trying to sleep. Running around the room, running over us, getting into lots of things she knows she's not supposed to, etc. At one point she got on the bookcase next to my side of the bed, and was getting into things, so I nabbed her to toss her off. She freaked out and ran across my face with her claws out. Now, she's not a heavy kitten; she's lanky and wiry. But she can build up some good momentum, and when those pokey paws hit you with the sharp edges, it's uncomfy. So I currently have this double-scratch an inch below my right eye. It'll be quite the conversation piece.


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"When George W. Bush surveys his presidency, he will see two wars commenced and none concluded, Osama bin Laden still on the loose, American prestige at record lows throughout the world, a military both broken and abused, and a country that in large part thinks its government is a liar."

"As the United States fights the first war of the 21st century and nuclear weapons spread across the map, President Bush has managed to build a bridge to the 15th century - by picking a fight with Congress over the use of a weapon perfected by Torquemada."

"The chief of the Consumer Product Safety Commission and her predecessor have taken dozens of trips at the expense of the toy, appliance and children's furniture industries and others they regulate... Some of the trips were sponsored by lobbying groups and lawyers representing the makers of products linked to consumer hazards." (Courtesy mscongeniality.)

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