October 31st, 2007


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* Good read: on artificial lights and our internal clocks.
* OooOooh. How about a presidential debate solely about science?
* Examining the ecological impact of the California fires.
* "New Zealand scientists have found what appears to be a cure for the disease that is responsible for wiping out many of the world's frog populations."
* Using medical imaging tech to dissect a 53-million-year-old spider.
* More information about supermassive black holes.
* Good news: new room added to the space station. Really bad news: torn solar array.
* Holy carp! DC police unveil "the Rumbler." I totally want one.


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"By refusing to acknowledge at his confirmation hearing that waterboarding is torture, Mukasey appeared to throw his lot in with those who embrace an authoritarian strain of moral relativism, one that excuses abhorrent and illegal policies as long as the president declares they're in the national interest."

Will the Supreme Court take on a lethal injection case?

Paul Krugman on fear of the myth of Islamofascism.

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Ooh. FCC may rule that apartment complexes can't give exclusive contracts to cable companies.

New trailer for Wanted. Looks like they're straying pretty far from the comic, which is a little sad. The writers defend their decisions here.